“A Summer Party,” The Paris Review, Summer 2021
“The Dreamers,” McSweeney’s volume 61
“The Blue Eye” in the Mississippi Review
“The Astronaut” in Granta
“Badlands” in Virginia Quarterly Review
“Beautiful Young Women” in the Sewanee Review
“Overlook” in The Literary Review
“The Waves” in Five Points Journal
“Spleen” in collaboration with visual artist Catalina Ouyang
“Go On” in Puerto del Sol

interviews, etc.

On the Boundary of Calmness and Anxiety: a Conversation with Meghan Grubb, Alive Magazine
You Saw the Worst: A Conversation with Christine Schutt, the Spectacle
A Specter, A Spectacle: A Conversation with Danielle Dutton, the Spectacle
The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #91: Meghan Lamb, the Rumpus
A Conversation with Jessica Baran, Curator of 100 Boots Poetry Series, Alive Magazine
A Conversation with St. Louis Poet Aaron Coleman, Alive Magazine

Some work is published under previous name, Christina Wood Martinez.